In Cycle Electronics, Inc.

Enviromental Policy

In Cycle Electronics, Inc. (ICE) is committed to utilize resources to ecologically recycle excess and obsolete electronic components and e-waste materials. ICE offers e-waste solutions to household, commercial and private businesses, as well as government entities to minimize adverse environmental impact; all in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations along with adherence to the Responsible Recycling Standard.
ICE abides by a “zero adverse impact to our environment” and “zero landfill” policies for all e-waste through the “reuse, recovery, recycle” hierarchy of electronic parts. ICE is committed to accomplish the goals stated below by implementing the following:

  • Ensure compliance with all existing laws and regulations

    and any other requirements to achieve the highest environmental standards while caring for the well-being of ouremployees and community partners

  • Reduce adverse environmental impacts

    to our community through pollution preventionand reuse-recycling procedures

  • Use the Environmental Health and Safety Management System

    to achieve continuous improvement in all activities

  • Follow documented procedures and work instructions

    designed to increase operational efficiency while reducing pollution

  • Provide the framework

    for establishing and reviewing environmental targets and objectives

  • Ensure that the EHSMS and this Policy

    are communicated to all employees, clients, vendors and other interested parties

  • Provide effective and immediate response to an emergency situation

    to minimize potentially adverse environmental impacts

  • Prevent workplace injuries

  • Increase client satisfaction

  • Ensure that this Policy

    is regularly reviewed and amended as necessary for continuing sustainability

ICE recognizes that the protection of the environment and worker health & safety are shared responsibilities, and that it requires cooperation between employees and top management. ICE will continually improve the environmental performance through responsible recycling practices.
This will include setting goals, taking into consideration our business, financial, operational, and legal requirements as well as the views of interested parties.

By meeting these objectives, In Cycle Electronics will become a more efficient and environmentally conscious organization while improving work safety for its employees.

This Policy is on display in ICE facilities and at the company’s website.

Lic. Guillermo Turincio, President
In Cycle Electronics, Inc.

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Issued 1/19/13
Effective 1/19/13


Form # EM-002 EP